Assessment Tools

Organizational Culture Assessment Tools

Trafero Solutions has over 20 years of experience in stabilizing and streamlining organizational climate. Through a science-based approach, we provide cultural audits to help you understand the people in your organization better.

Who Needs Culture Audits?

Culture audits are a dynamic and continuous process. From businesses, organizations, CEOs, board members or major corporations to social scientists, everyone needs to know about culture audits before drawing results.

Market Focus Index

Organizational culture will affect how people in an organization are perceived by customers. With a market-focused behavior, we will help you compare customer behavior with the organization’s performance. Through assessment tools, we help leaders of an organization impact the employees.

Custom Measures and Indexes

Each organization is unique, and in turn, needs to be measured in a way that makes sense for its individual needs. The Trafero approach allows for these unique situations to be taken into account and acted upon.

Organizational Survey Instruments

We provide an anonymous and thorough survey taken by the organization's employees. This allows employees to provide direct feedback on the current perceived values, beliefs, strengths and weaknesses of the organization.

The following is an example of an organizational survey:

Once the survey is completed, the assessment results will be provided. The following is a sample of assessment results: