What does "trafero" mean?

trafero: (truh-fair-oh); Latin verb meaning to transform, shift or move. The opposite of status quo.

The Trafero Approach

We focus on organization and program transformations across three primary leadership domains:

Leadership Domain #1:
Seek and Establish Clarity

  • Refine organization mission and objectives
  • Find and build the internal "kindred connections"
  • Envision the future state
  • Measure the current state
  • Identify existing gaps
  • Assess the external forces
  • Embrace the opportunities to close the gaps

Leadership Domain #2:
Position Strategically

  • Engage and inspire the leadership teams
  • Map the common interests
  • Refine the framework for planning & management
  • State measures of success
  • Build strategic plans that consider entire organization
  • Collectively embrace the strategic opportunities

Leadership Domain #3:
Do the Tactical & Practical

  • Engage and inspire managers & supervisors
  • Refine the framework for planning & implementation
  • Build tactical plans for the specific opportunities
  • Collectively embrace the enhancement opportunities
  • Prioritize & implement the enhancement activities

Organization & Program Transformations

We provide expertise in all areas of organization and program execution & transformation.

  • Business development
  • Competitive intelligence and analysis
  • Program transition and management
  • Productivity assessment
  • Workforce enhancement initiatives
  • Leadership development and coaching

Organizational Culture Audits

Even if you think your organization has a strong corporate culture, there are many good reasons to assess it. An independently completed culture audit helps determine your overall working environment, employee sentiments, and the ground truths of internal interactions and communications.

Our unique training, skills, and expertise assure a comprehensive, science-based culture audit that supports your long-term organizational values and goals.