Cultural Audits

Organizational Culture Assessment Tools

Trafero Solutions has over 20 years of experience in assessing organizational climate and facilitating leadership actions to transform the organization's culture. Through a science-based approach, we provide cultural audits to help leaders to understand the people and conditions within their organization better. This then allows the organization leaders to formulate and implement plans for transforming the organization.

Who Needs Culture Audits?

Culture audits are a dynamic and continuous process. Organization Leaders, including CEOs, board members, departmental managers, and individual supervisors, need methods to accurately see how the current climate within their organization aligns with the aspirational core value and beliefs. Our cultural audits provide just such insight.

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Market Focus Index

Trafero Solutions offers a science-based and validated Market-Focus Index assessment tool. The Market-Focus Index allows organizations to see how they compare to other organizations in terms of a culture that produces the desired market- and customer-oriented behaviors. In addition to comparing to other organizations, the Market-Focus Index also highlights those elements within the organization that are better aligned with the desired business norms.

Custom Measures and Indexes

Most organizations are unique in their overall leadership approach and market conditions. These unique organizations need to be measured in a way that makes sense for their individual culture and desired behavioral norms. The Trafero Solutions' approach allows for construction of highly customized measures and indexes that are unique to the specific organization and their conditions.

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Organizational Survey Instruments

We provide an anonymous and thorough survey taken by the organization's employees. This allows employees to provide direct feedback on the current perceived values, beliefs, strengths and weaknesses of the organization.

The following is an example of an organizational survey:

Once the survey is completed, the assessment results will be provided. The following is a sample of assessment results: